The Roerich Family

Семья Рерихов

The Roerich family is often called the Great Family of Russia.

Nicholas Roerich was a world-famous painter and public figure. His wife, Helena Roerich, was a philosopher, writer and musician. They raised two fine sons. The first was Yuri, a brilliant Orientalist scholar, and the second was Sviatoslav, a famous painter and public figure.

Natalia Dmitrievna Spirina, one of Roerich’s second generation of students, writes: “The four of them were unified in their efforts to serve the public welfare, for the benefit of mankind, and to give of the fruits of their labors to the homeland. . . . The Roerich family served as an example of how we should go through life, illuminating this treacherous path with the light of our wisdom and knowledge, turning it toward the stars.”